Decontamination (Claying)

Claying is done in packages that include polishing.  We no longer clay cars without polishing them afterwards because claying can cause micro-marring on the paint due to the presence of abrasive contaminants on the paint.  This is especially problematic on darker color cars.  Polishing will remove all the marring done during the claying process.

Our packages that include decontamination are:

Supreme detail

Ultimate detail


With time, many contaminants will imbed themselves in the paint and on the windows and cannot be removed with a normal wash.  To cleanse them off, we need to do a decontamination treatment, also known as a clay bar treatment.  This step uses automotive clay or an alternative product to pull the contaminants out of the surface.  It is done after washing the car and before doing any polishing or applying a protective coat.

Here are some of the contaminants that this process can remove:

- Brake dust

- Mineral deposits

- Acid rain residues

- Atmospheric pollution

- Chemical products (overspray)

- Industrial fallouts


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