Cleaning process

Cleaning the vehicle in a way that will not only remove all the dirt and dust but also insure that no damage will be done to the paint is an art form.  Our cleaning method is very careful and gentle but leaves the paint very clean.


1 - Wheels and undercarriage cleaning

We start by doing a deep cleaning of the wheels, tires,  wheel wells and undercarriage.  This prevents brake dust and other nasty contaminants that are present on the bottom of the car to be spread on the paint during the later steps of the cleaning process.

We use professional grade products for both the tires and rims. the products we use are able to remove years of caked on brake dust and contaminants and will not damage the rubber, metal and paint on the different parts of the base of the vehicle.  We also use the proper brushes and pads for proper removal of all trapped dirt and grime.

2 - Power rinse

Before touching the paint and risking scratching because of dust    and dirt already present on the paint, we use a power washer to remove all loose dirt and dust from the paint.

This step also starts to soften and weaken the dirt that is bonded to the paint.

For this step no soap or shampoo is used.  Just water.   We are very careful not to apply too much water pressure to the paint and risk damaging it.


 3 - Snow Foam coating

Using a power washer, we apply a thick coat of foam shampoo over the entire vehicle.  We then let this shampoo work for a few minutes to give it time to break more of the bonds that dirt have created with the paint.  This process will remove all but the most
stuck on dirt from the finish and reduce even more than chances of scratching the paint when we move to the hand washing step.

The shampoo we use is very hard on dirt but is ph neutral and will not damage the paint.  We have two shampoos we can use, one designed to strip waxes off of the vehicle and one designed to leave wax in place.  Which we choose depends on the request of the client to apply a sealant or not at the end of the process.

We then do a power rinse to remove the shampoo with all the semi-bonded dirt and grime.

4 - Hand washing

Once we have removed all the dust and dirt we could without  contact, we start the washing by hand.

We use a technique that makes it almost impossible to scratch the paint.  We use a microfiber mitt that is tough on dirt but gentle on the paint.

Through the wash process, we use a ph neutral soap that will not  harm the paint and never introduce dirty water in the wash.  Our method has been proven effective by the best car detailers in the world and is the safest that can be used.


5 - Hose rinsing

Once we are done washing, we do a complete rinse using a hose to make sure no trace of soaps and shampoos are left behind. 

After the car has been thoroughly soaked, we are ready to proceed to the last steps of the cleaning.



6/7 - Door and trunk jambs cleaning/Gas tank compartment

Nothing breaks the look of a clean vehicle  more than opening the  door or the trunk and reveal a dirty jambs.  This is why we wipe  down all door and trunk jambs when we clean the vehicle.

We also do the same for the gas tank opening compartment.




8 - Microfiber towel and forced air drying

It is really important not to let water dry on the paint.  We use forced air to chase water away from cracks and openings and use a soft microfiber towel to dry the panels of the vehicle.  This is the most reliable method to prevent water etching and avoid scratches during the drying step.



This entire process takes about an 90 minutes, depending on the size of the vehicle and how dirty it is. 
Once we are done, no dirt will be left and the paint will not have been damaged. 

From there we can proceed to decontaminating the paint, correcting the paint,
polishing, applying a sealant or applying a wax depending
on what you ask us to do on your vehicle.



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