Correcting paint damage

Once your paint is damaged, you have two options:  You can either have the vehicle repainted, and in some cases this is your only option, but if you act quickly you can have the paint corrected by a qualified detailer.

Correcting paint is much less expensive and much faster to do than repainting the vehicle.  In many cases the end result also looks better and leaves you with a more durable finish.  A decent paint job will cost you on average 4000$ to 5000$.  We can do a complete restoration for roughly 10% to 20% of that amount and a partial restoration for even less.

So what is paint correcting?  The detailer will use a power tool to apply a compound on your paint.  The  compound is basically a very fine liquid sandpaper that will remove all the light and medium scratches, etchings and various forms of light to medium damage to your paint.  Some deep scratches can also be removed by wet sanding them.  It all depends on the depth of the scratch and the thickness of the paint on your vehicle that is available to work with.

Once the correcting process has been done, your paint will be free of about 95% of the defects.  After compounding we have to polish it back to a high shine and restore that new paint look.

We offer 4 levels of paint correction:

Level 1 is a polishing.  It is a one step process where we use a polishing cream to remove micro-scratches and oxidation to restore the shine of the paint.  This will not remove defects or scratches.

Level 2 is a two step process where we use polishing compound to remove paint defects and then proceed with a polishing to restore shine.

Level 3 is a 3 step process where a compound is done to remove imperfections from the paint.  We then follow with an aggressive polish to remove the compounding scratches.  Finally a very fine compound is used to jewel the paint to it's maximum shine.  This process is usually done on cars that do not go on the roads.  The exception being if the process is done before applying a coating.  Otherwise, for daily drivers, this would be a waste of money because the first time the car would be washed, the paint would revert to a normal quality and loose it's extra brilliance.

Level 4 is a 3 step process where we start by wet sanding the paint to remove the defects and level it (removes orange peel).  We then do a polishing compound to remove the scratches made by the sand paper and finally we polish the paint to restore shine.  In general, this should not be done on factory paint.  The thickness of factory paint is usually too low to remove the amount of paint by this process and still have a viable paint system afterwards.  This process is normally used on repaint where the body shop was instructed to apply extra clearcoat so this process can be done safely.


Machine correcting the trunk of a car


Before/after shot of a paint correction on mildly neglected paint



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