Engine bay cleaning

Required time: About 60 minutes
Cost: 79,99$*

Also offered as an option on all our exterior packages




The engine bay is generally the part of the vehicle that is the most neglected in terms of cleaning.  It is important to keep the engine clean to avoid eventual problems.

Here are the main reasons to keep the engine clean:

  ● Some rubber parts' effective life will be reduced by the presence of grease and oil.
It is very difficult to see an oil or cooling fluid leak if the engine is dirty.  This can lead to serious
      and expensive repairs if one was to happen and remain undetected until it was too late.

  ● A dirty engine is sure sign of lack of maintenance.  This can become important if you want to sell
     the vehicle.

Engine cleaning should always be done by a professional.  A bad cleaning technique can create ignition problems or even corrosion.  When doing an engine detail, we are careful to protect the parts of the engine that should not get wet.  We also only use low pressure water to do a complete cleaning without risking damage to the electrical components.

Disclaimer: Older engine (10 years old or more) can have seals and gaskets that have failed.  These rubber parts designed to keep water and moisture away from sensitive electric components degrade over time and may no longer be able to stop water from reaching places where it can cause trouble.  For this reason, we suggest not to perform an engine detail on engines over 10 years old.  If asked we will perform the service, but it will be done at the risk of the owner, we take no responsibility for pre-existing risks on engines.

* Cost may vary in the case of a very dirty engine or if you want us to clean an oversized commercial truck engine.


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