Headlight Restoration

Time required: About 60 minutes

Cost: 99,99$ for standard 2 headlight configuration

Can be performed as an option on most of our exterior packages



A few years ago, manufacturers started replacing glass as a basic headlight material by plastic.  Plastic has many advantages such as allowing a more aerodynamic design, looking a lot better and being far less dangerous in the case of an accident.

The problem with plastic is that Ultra Violet light makes it turn opaque and yellow.  To counter this, manufacturers apply a UV Protective coating on the headlight when the vehicle is built.  This coating fails over time and when it does the plastic of the headlight starts to yellow and turn opaque as it is being affected by sunlight.

This process can reduce the amount of light that your headlight emits by up to 50%.  This makes it very dangerous to drive at night since they are now projecting a lot less light than they should and visibility is reduced.

We can reverse this process by removing the dead UV protective layer and making the plastic transparent again.  Once that is done, we apply a new protective layer on the now restored headlight to prevent it from turning yellow and opaque again. 


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