Hydrophobic Treatment (AquapelTM)

Offered as an option for all our exterior packages



With the application of a hydrophobic treatment on the windows of the vehicle, water and dirt won't be able to grab a hold on the surface.  In rainy conditions the visibility will be greatly increased and cleaning the windows will be much easier.

During winter, the hydrophobic product will make removing snow and ice from the windows much easier because they will be unable to grab a hold of the surface.

At highway speed, wipers become almost useless as water will simply fly off the windshield. 

This product works even better once the glass has been polished.

We start by doing a deep cleaning of the windows.  We then decontaminate the windows of all bonded contaminants.  If needed, a water spot removal treatment will also be performed.  Finally we apply the hydrophobic product on all glass surfaces.


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