Interior protection

Offered in all our interior and combo packages



With this service, we apply a protective dressing to interior surfaces of the vehicle that is effective against dust, dirt and UV rays.

Vinyl and plastic surfaces will be covered with our water based protectant that doesn't attract dust and doesn't dry surfaces.  Unlike silicone based products (like Armor All), our dressing doesn't remain greasy, it offers maximum protection without the inconveniences of silicone products.

We offer three levels of finishes:

- Natural (no gloss): Surfaces treated to this level will look new and won't have an glow to it.

- Satin/half-gloss: This level will give a little bit of gloss to the surface but nothing similar to Armor All or other silicone products

- Glossy: This level is similar to what you would get with a silicone product but without the inconveniences

We apply the product to all plastic and vinyl surfaces that won't cause a problem for driving (so no application on pedals, driving wheel or transmission lever's handle)

* Price depends on the size of the vehicle.


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