Leather Seat Conditioning

Offered in the following packages:

Complete interior package

Full Detail Plus



A number of car manufacturers install leather seating in their high end, luxury vehicles or offer this feature as a pricey upgrade. As a natural, porous material, leather absorbs dirt, grime and odors easily and requires care to maintain a healthy finish. Sunlight and heat can further damage your leather seats and cause them to crack or fray. Depending on how often you drive your car, and how often it sits in sunlight (versus a garage), you should clean your leather seats at least once every three months to retain their color and healthy appearance.

After a thorough cleaning of the leather seats, we apply a leather conditioner that will nourish your leather by replacing the oils that evaporate with time.  This will make the leather soft and pliable once more ensure it remains in good condition.


Be aware that the following are very damaging for leather and should never be used on it.  If by accident they come into contact with your leather seats, you should wipe the product off as soon as possible.  Otherwise they will dry the leather and damage it.

- Suntan Lotion - Hair Gel & Hair Spray - Surfactants
- Skin Moisturiser - Detergents - Solvents
- Insect Spray - Bees wax - Paint
- Air Freshener - Silicone products
  (ie. Armor All)
- Nail varnish

These products are harmful to leather and will eat away at the finish, undoing the binders that hold the finish resins together, severely reducing the life expectancy of your leather seats.


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