Paint Scratch Repair
(Level 3 correction)

This service will also include paint correction and paint polishing as well as paint sealant application on the repaired area.

Price starts at 99,99$ for the first scratch and is billed at 75$/hour after the first hour. 

he usual time to repair a scratch is about 30 minutes depending on lenght, depth and paint hardness.




Scratches in the paint can be repaired if the following condition are respected:

1. When running your fingernail over the scratch, if you cannot catch an edge of the scratch, it can usually be repaired.

2. The paint must be thick enough to repair the scratch without compromising the safety of the clear coat.  A test is done with a paint gauge before starting the repair.  In some cases, the paint could be too thin to repair safely.  You then have the option to have a partial repair that will reduce the scratch's visibility, or you can apply touch up paint on the scratch to protect the panel from rust.

Scratches that are too deep cannot be repaired.  You can either have the panel repainted at a bodyshop or apply touch up paint from the dealership.  Please note that touch up paint will be visible and is meant to protect the panel, not to make the repair invisible.


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