Professional products

We use a very long list of products to clean, restore and protect our customer's vehicles.  All of these products are professional grade and are very expensive.  As an example, the sealant we use sells for 400$ a gallon and the compound we use to restore paint sells for 150$ a gallon.  Our most expensive product is Optimum Opti-Guard that sells for 100$ an ounce.   These products are designed to be used by professionals and can do amazing things if used properly.

Here are some of the products and companies we use:

Meguiars professional and detailer lines
CarPro USA
Nanoskin professional line
Optimum Polymer Technologies
AmmoNYC products
Lake Country products
Buff and shine products
Rupes professional polishers
and many, many others. 

We keep in stock over a 100 products to deal with any situation we might come across.

You will notice that Armor All, Turtle Wax, Simoniz and all other consumer grade products are missing from that list.  Some of these product are decent but do not meet our minimum standards in term of quality or efficiency.  Some consumer products can also damage your vehicle so that is even more reason to avoid them.

On a typical detail we will use anywhere from 20$ to 200$ worth of products depending what you need done on your vehicle.

When we quote you a price, products are included in the price.


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