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Sealants are synthetic products that offer a durable protective layer for the paint, glass, metal, plastic and rubber on the vehicle.

Before applying the product, we do a chemical cleaning of the paint to insure the sealant can form a solid bond with the paint.  The sealant is machine applied and will protect the vehicle for 6 to 12 months.  It is recommended to apply a sealant coat every 6 months and use a spray wax every time the car is washed as a disposable protective barrier.

When we apply the sealant, every part of the vehicle is protected except for the wheels.  We offer sealant application on the wheels as an option to the wheel polishing service.

The sealant we use is imported directly from Germany and is the best product on the market.  It offers excellent protection and will not stain plastics and rubbers like cheaper sealants.


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