Supreme Detail Exterior Package


This package includes a machine polishing of the paint using an all-in-one polish
and sealant.  It will remove most oxidation on the paint as well as most of the paint
marring and micro-scratching.  The result is a vibrant paint color and greatly increased
shine and gloss.  The sealant offers decent protection to the painted surfaces.
This package offers very good value compared to a traditional polishing.


Quick overview of the package

Exterior cleaning Our 8 step wash (very safe)
Paint decontamination Chemical and physical decontamination
Paint oxidation elimination Yes
Micro marring elimination Removes all micro-marring
Deep micro-marring elimination Requires paint correction (see options)
Light scratches elimination Requires paint correction  (see options)
Deep scratches elimination Requires scratch removal  (see options)
Shine and gloss of the paint after work Excellent
Paint sealant durability About 1 to 3 months depending on exposition to elements and maintenance


● Vehicle is pressure washed then gently hand washed to prevent any damage
● Deep cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells
● Door jambs cleaned and degreased
● Gas tank access port deep cleaned
● Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
● Paint decontaminated (clay bar and iron removal treatment)


● Chrome polished
● Paint polished using an all-in-one product that includes a paint sealant



● Paint sealant applied during the polishing stage
● Windows protected by water repellent product
● Tires dressed with a water based product for a natural look


Rates and required time

Sub-compact, compact and mid-size cars: 299,99$ (6 - 9 hours)

Full-size cars, compact SUVs, Small Crossovers: 349,99$  (7 - 10 hours)

Larger vehicles: 399,99$ (8 -12 hours)


Popular options for this package

Options may force us to do the work in two consecutive days.

Headlight restoration: 49,99$

Aquapeltm windshield water repellent treatment (6 months durability): 29,99$

Engine bay detail: 49,99$

Long durability (6 months) tire coating: 19,99$

Paint correction (compound): 40$/hour with a minimum of 3 hours for small vehicles.  Paint correction will remove deep micro-marring and light scratches. Paint correction needs to have a paint coat thick enough.  We will be able to verify this during the inspection of the vehicle.

Scratch removal: 75$/hour, usually about 30 minutes per scratch.  Some scratches cannot be removed safely.  We will be able to determine if it is safe to remove them when we inspect the vehicle.

If a second visit is required, add 30$ for the extra commute, setup and cleanup.


For details regarding each step we perform, please visit the services page.  To understand the processes, the differences between our products and what the work is, please visit the information page.


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