8-step hand wash

Available in all our exterior and combo packages except the Eco-Friendly package that uses a different wash method.


Cleaning the vehicle in a way that will not only remove all the dirt and dust but also insure that no damage will be done to the paint is an art form.  Our cleaning method is very careful and gentle but leaves the paint very clean.

The wash includes all the following steps:

  ● Pressure washing to remove all dust and non-bonded heavy dirt
Snow foam shampoo to remove semi-bonded dirt and weaken the bonds of attached dirt in
      preparation for the hand wash
  ● Second pressure wash to remove all the non-bonded dirt
  ● Hand wash using a gentle yet effective shampoo and a microfiber glove to remove all dirt without
      damaging the paint
  ● Hose rinse to remove all the shampoo off the vehicle
  ● Removal of water from crevasses using compressed air
  ● Vehicle dried using a microfiber towel that will not damage the paint
  ● Deep cleaning of wheels, tires and wheel wells
  ● Door jambs cleaned
  ● Gas tank compartment cleaned
  ● Windshield and exterior windows cleaned for a streak free finish


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