Window polishing

Time required: About 60 to 120 minutes*
Cost: 80$ to 120$*
30$ discount if added to an other service or package


Glass may seems impossible to damage but the fact is that just like paint it will degrade over time.  The windshield is constantly bombarded by dust, insects, air pollution and various things that will abrade it's finish and create microscopic scratches and pits.  This allows water to stick to it and makes it harder to clean.  Once damage is severe enough it will make it more difficult to see at night or in very bright sunlight because a glare will form out of those scratches.

Our process works like paint correction.  We start by decontaminating the glass surfaces.  We then remove the scratches bringing back the glass to a smooth finish.  This will also remove water spots from the glass.  Major correction can also be done to remove wiper scratches.

Once this process has been completed we strongly suggest the application of an hydrophobic coating.

Notes: Cost depends on what needs to be done.  Base cost is for removal of microscopic scratches of normal wear.  If the window has wiper scratches or other more important scratches price will be higher.


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