Winter preparation 2017

This package's goal is to apply the required protection to your vehicle to face
the elements, salt and calcium on the road this winter.


● Vehicle is pressure washed then gently hand washed to prevent any damage
● Deep cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells
● Door jambs cleaned and degreased
● Gas tank access port deep cleaned
● Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned

Interior vacuumed
● Carpets shampooed


● Chrome polished



● Durable machine sealant applied to painted panels
Aquapeltm windshield treatment applied
● Windows protected by water repellent product
● Tires dressed with a water based product for a natural look

Protective product applied to carpets


Rates and required time*

Sub-compact, compact and mid-size cars: 249,99$ (4-6 hours)

Full-size car: 289,99$ (5-7 hours)

Sports utility vehicles: 319,99$ (6-8 hours)

Mini-van: 359,99$ (7-9 hours)


Popular options for this package

Headlight restoration: 49,99$

Engine bay detail: 49,99$

Long durability (6 months) tire coating: 19,99$


*: The price will vary in the case of larger vehicles or vehicles in very bad shape.  The price shown is calculated for a car in good condition.  Pet hair and stains greatly increase the time it takes to clean the interior and will be billed accordingly.  An estimate is given before work is done.
For details regarding each step we perform, please visit the services page.  To understand the processes, the differences between our products and what the work is, please visit the information page.


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